Full service solutions

As a Kamps company, H&S Forest Products can offer unique solutions that provide end-to-end pallet and packaging support to your supply chain.

A Unique Approach To Pallet Management.

As a Kamps integrated company, we are in a unique position to offer a consolidated pallet and packaging program to your organization.

This means access to industry-leading systems, customer service, and over 400 servicing locations - all delivered through a single point of contact. This comprehensive approach is guaranteed to save your organization time, resources, and position it for success at all times.

Unmatched Capabilities

Kamps Systems

Our proprietary IT systems ensure your program is supported with the latest data and reporting capabilities.

Industry Leading Resources.

The combination of H&S mill locations with Kamps' national network results in a collection of resources that cannot be found anywhere else. The resources work together to shield your supply chain during challenging times, while continuously adding value.

Fully Integrated Resources.

Our operations and resources are fully integrated. On the back-end, this results in optimized operations that ensure your needs are continuously met. What our customers experience on a day-to-day basis is rapid resolutions, feedback, and flexibility - on a national scale.

Comprehensive Supply Chain Coverage

Our comprehensive programs provide end-to-end support to your supply chain.

Pallet Manufacturing.

All new pallets SKUs are manufactured across our national network, with locations selected based on proximity and location expertise.

Pallet Recycling.

We offer a full portfolio of pallet repair and recycling services. This includes comprehensive On-Site solutions that provide Kamps staff, expertise, and equipment directly at your facilities.

Sustainable End-of-Life Recycling.

We offer sustainable solutions for end-of-life pallets, ensuring zero wood waste and carbon reduction benefits to your supply chain.

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