Block Pallets For Sale.

We sell high quality, durable and sustainable, block pallets.

Benefits of Block Pallets.

Wooden block pallets utilize rectangular wooden blocks, positioned between the top and bottom decks, to allow for easy access by pallet jacks or forklifts. These pallets are some of the most durable options when considering a load unitization solution. Block pallets also provide increased weight capacity and offer a true four-way entry. All of this combined results in savings on overall transportation, storage, and material handling space.

Our team of experts can build the most ideal wooden block pallet, built to your exact needs and product specifications. We do this by using industry-leading pallet design software. We also have the ability to source standard size block pallets, manufactured to the highest standards and available nationwide.

Benefits of Working With H&S.

Best Manufacturer.

We match your block pallet needs to the best manufacturer available nationwide.

Best Pallet Value.

Using a combination of price, service, and quality, we give you the best value.

Supply Chain Resiliency.

Our national network of over 400+ mills ensures that your custom pallet supply is not impacted by regional supply shortages or environmental conditions.

Block Pallet Stack

Comprehensive Analysis.

Our skillful team leverages the latest Pallet Design System™ technology to create block pallet solutions that takes into account all of the major shipping and warehousing aspects of your supply chain.

Load Weight.

We take into account the individual load weight of your products, along with the total weight transported per pallet. We then design a pallet strong enough to safely support your product.

Product Dimensions.

We analyze the dimensions of your product and build a pallet with the optimal size to support your product.

Storage & Supporting Conditions.

We analyze the conditions in which your products will be stored, with the intentions of maximizing warehouse space and accommodating for all weather conditions (if needed). After this, we take into account the supporting conditions the pallet and products experience. This means accommodating for racking or stacking supporting conditions.

Forklift Dimensions.

The type of forklift, or handjack, your supply chain utilizes determines the dimensions and design of your pallet. We design a custom pallet to fit these conditions. By doing so, we maximize the average life of your pallet while ensuring safe and proper support for your products.

Average Trips.

Our Pallet Design System™ technology allows us to generate an approximate life-span (average trips) of your custom designed pallet.

Industries We Support With Block Pallets.






Many More Industries, Including Yours

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