At H&S Forest Products, Inc. it’s our job to make your job easier.

We seek to improve the lives of our customers, manufacturers and employees every day. Our impressive Experience, Expertise, and Resources help to supply our customers with high-quality, affordable pallets and packaging tailored to meet their exact needs.

  • Experience

    H&S Forest Products, Inc. has been serving customers since 1990. Our administration and sales and customer service teams have over 150 years of combined experience serving the pallet and packaging industry.

  • Expertise

    Utilizing industry-leading pallet design software, we regularly save our customers money with the design of new pallets to exact specifications as well as the re-evaluation of existing packaging and shipping systems.

  • Resources

    Our wide selection of new and used pallets is supplied by over 150 mills located across the United States. This broad network of suppliers enables us to ship over 200 truckloads per week.

Combined, these qualities make for some impressive results.

Over the course of our long history, we've created new pallets ranging from 15 inches to over 20 feet, with weight-bearing capacities of over 5 tons. We can provide export-ready, heat-treated pallets that comply with ISPM-15 standards, and we offer cost-effective used and remanufactured pallets.